Simple Ways to prioritize self-care

21 February 2022

The world is going through a very difficult phase right now. None of us could have ever imagined a time like this. And there is no doubt that our lives have been turned upside down at this point. Amidst all these scary occurences and changes, many have lost their livelihoods.

Others are working from home if their jobs allow them to do so. Meetings have become virtual, and offices have been confined to screens. At the same time, essential workers are out there doing their best given the circumstances.

Nowadays, with everything going on, it‘s become even harder to really take care of ourselves. We get caught up too easily in the everyday hustle and can forget that life is precious and that we need to pause and take some time to be good to ourselves.

Below, I am sharing 15 ways you can prioritize your self-care without spending a fortune. Remember, self-care does not start when your to-do-list ends. It starts when you need to take some time to be your very best self. And it doesn‘t matter how productive you were on any given day. You deserve to take care of yourself because your‘re human, and you are enough. You do not need to carry the weight of your struggles all the time. It is so easy to push our personal needs aside, so please do whatever you need to do to ensure you‘re giving your body and mind the best you can.

Simple steps to prioritize self-care:

  • Light a candle or diffuse some essential oil, and take an Epsom salt bath
  • Say no to things you genuinely don‘t want to do – protect your mental health
  • Wake up a few minutes earlier and cook yourself a nourishing breakfast
  • Take some time to clean out your closet, organize your clothes into seasons, work clothes, etc.
  • Take a mental health day
  • Recite positive affirmations, e.g. “I am loved, I am strong, I am enough“
  • Do something you love, it could be a long-lost hobby or a try at a new activity
  • Read a chapter or two from your favourite book, or catch up on a show you‘ve had on your list to watch
  • Declutter one room in your home
  • Take a walk or go on a run and be in nature (even if it‘s just for a few minutes)
  • Go to your local farmer‘s market with a friend or family member
  • Try 20 minutes of yoga at home
  • Meditate and reflect on your day while taking deep breaths
  • Limit your social media exposure, unplug and turn off all notifications for a day
  • Listen to a self-care podcast

Please let me know which way resonated with you the most, and how you carve out time for self-care in the comments, or on Instagram.