Finding Strength in vulnerability

18 August 2023

It’s been a while since my words found their way to this corner of the internet, a place where vulnerability finds its voice. It’s a moment that carries both liberation and humility; I’m finally here, penning down this long-anticipated update. Over the past span of months, my life has resembled a rollercoaster, marked by upward growth, inner contemplation, and yes, even the confrontations posed by challenges.

In an era where social media often showcases carefully curated highlight reels, I find solace in embracing authenticity. There’s a profound beauty in sharing the unpolished, unscripted reality that truly defines our lives. This blog has always been a space of openness, a digital haven where I lay bare my experiences, navigating the complexities of motherhood and life.

For, within this narrative lies the essence of vulnerability. An element often glossed over, yet now more than ever, I realize the strength that thrives within the candid sharing of not just the triumphs but the trials as well. This isn’t just a recounting of experiences; it’s an exploration of authenticity and a reminder that it’s okay not to have it all together.

Join me as we delve into the unpolished moments, the revelations borne from introspection, and the steps taken on this path of embracing vulnerability. This is more than a simple update – it’s an invitation to journey with me, to discover how vulnerability weaves its tapestry into every facet of life.


As I look back on nearly a year and a half of this journey, a shadow of shame lingers. I wish I could say that the transition from zero to one child was seamless, that I swiftly embraced the changes with grace. The truth, however, is far from that ideal. The leap from a realm of personal freedom to an existence where every moment is intertwined with the needs of another has been nothing short of mind-boggling. The liberty of doing as I pleased has been replaced with an unceasing demand for my presence, my energy, and my attention.

Now, I find myself in a perpetual state of catching up, a persistent sensation that I’m forever lagging five steps behind. While my son’s growth and development bring me an immense joy, the simultaneous erosion of my sense of self has been a struggle that words can barely encapsulate. I’ve had to face the truth that, despite my efforts, I find myself submerged in a sea of unhappiness. Motherhood’s complexities are no secret, but the chasm between theoretical understanding and lived experience is vast. The advice, the anecdotes, the well-intentioned reassurances – they pale in comparison to the weight of sleepless nights, relentless demands, and a feeling of being constantly behind.

So, the past months have been a testament to the facts that there’s no map to follow in this journey. Every day presents new challenges, new joys, and an ever-evolving perspective on what it means to nurture and guide a young life. As I’ve navigated the ins and outs of parenting, I’ve discovered that it’s a dance of adaptation, patience, and unconditional love. It’s a journey that has tested my limits and expanded my heart in ways I never thought possible.

Mental Health

My mental health is a constant struggle that I’ve tried to keep hidden for most of my life. But once I became a mom, the old coping mechanisms of sweeping everything under the rug just couldn’t hold up anymore; especially since there was a tiny human watching, absorbing, and learning from every move I make.

The lack of sleep, the endless worries, and the weight of responsibility slowly unveiled the cracks in my armor, urging me to confront the turmoil I had kept locked away for so long. It was as if becoming a mom had turned up the volume on my struggles, making it impossible to ignore. The anger that I had once tamed and hidden beneath layers of busyness now had a way of seeping into the corners of my daily life. I was easily triggered, and my emotions often felt like a storm I couldn’t control.

Regrettably, my son became an unwitting target of my emotional outbursts. I often found my son, who deserved nothing but love and warmth, in the wake of my frustrations. This realization hit me like a punch in the gut – I was unintentionally passing on my struggles to the person who depended on me the most. It was a painful awakening that spurred me into action.


Navigating the challenges of motherhood is a journey that requires resilience beyond measure. But when you add the weight of an autoimmune disease into the mix, the already demanding path can become a daunting uphill climb. It’s like juggling in a world where the balls keep changing shape and weight, and you’re desperately trying to maintain your balance. And yet, amidst the chaos, there’s an unyielding determination to not only parent with love but also to mend and nurture my own body, to find that elusive inner peace that often feels like a distant dream.

Each day presents its own challenges, a seemingly endless parade of needles, medications, and the relentless reminder of vulnerability. The constant shift in treatment plans add an extra layer of uncertainty. Every moment becomes an exercise in negotiating with a body that often feels foreign and unforgiving. The battle against the physical manifestations of this disease is fierce, but it’s the emotional toll that can be truly overwhelming.

This journey has taught me that motherhood isn’t just about nurturing my child; it’s about nurturing myself as well. Acknowledging my struggles was the first step toward healing, and I am learning to untangle the knots that had been building within me for years. It’s a work in progress, one that requires me to show up for myself as much as I show up for my son.

So, what’s to come?

These past few months have been an embodiment of relentless effort. I’ve poured myself into understanding my body, seeking solace in the quiet moments. I’ve embarked on a journey of healing, striving to forge a connection between my mind and body that’s often threatened by the cacophony of pain.

However, the truth I’ve come to confront is that my own toughest critic has often been myself. In all honesty, these recent months have seen me working tirelessly to embrace a sense of comfort within my own skin. Yet, I won’t deny that I’ve been grappling with some significant challenges lately. It’s a constant learning process, an ongoing endeavor to recognize that honoring my body’s need for rest doesn’t equate to laziness.

So, piece by piece, I’ve been crafting a routine for myself. True, there are times when I stumble and find myself doubting every step I take. Yet, isn’t that the essence of life’s beauty? The very fact that we navigate through uncertainties and setbacks, only to emerge stronger, is what makes this journey worthwhile.

As I continue forward, I am reminded that each stride toward self-acceptance is an accomplishment. It’s about acknowledging that progress isn’t linear; it’s peppered with moments of triumph and moments that test our resolve. And so, I embrace both – the victorious and the challenging – because together, they compose the intricate melody of life I am learning to cherish.

Finding strength in vulnerability

I share this not as a declaration of defeat, but as a testament to the strength that arises from vulnerability. It’s my hope that by sharing my experience, I can remind other moms that they’re not alone in their battles. We’re all walking our unique paths, and it’s okay to stumble sometimes. What matters is that we keep moving forward, for ourselves and for the little ones who look up to us.